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MONEY & FINANCEClosing Costs Guide for Home Buyers
You’ve found the perfect home – with all the bedrooms you’ll ever need, enough outdoor space to grow tomatoes and peppers for...
LATEST POSTSHow the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive will Affect the GTA Real Estate Market
In September 2019, the Canadian government launched the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, a nationwide program to encourage ho...
Leveraged-RealEstate (1)
LATEST POSTSWhy Investing in Real Estate is Considered a Leveraged Investment
Ever hear someone say “leverage enables you to make money off other people’s money”? This is one statement that perfectly cap...
MONEY & FINANCEAre You Wasting Money When You Rent a House Instead of Buying it?
You might have heard that when you rent a house, you’re effectively throwing money away. Is this true? No, it isn’t! Compare ...
Buying a Car
MONEY & FINANCEShould You Buy a New or Used Car – A Financial Perspective
The smart financial decision is to purchase a 3 to 10 years old car from a reputable car brand with no historical problems an...
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