Suggest Content for Savings Hippo

Contribute to one of Canada's premier internet brands for personal finance and saving money. Savings Hippo helps Canadians nationwide to save money and make the best financial decisions. We accept suggestions for new content as well as high-quality guest posts that we believe can bring value to our audiences.

Guest Post Requirements

Our requirements for any articles submitted to Savings Hippo are as follows:

  • Minimum of 750 words
  • Professionally written with no spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Maximum of 3 do-follow links. Maximum of 2 for a single domain.
  • Topic should be related to our existing content and provide value to our audiences. (e.g. real estate, finance, US/Canadian economy)
  • Should not contain any false, misleading, or outdated statements or claims

Savings Hippo will provide any necessary media (e.g. pictures, stock photos) for submitted guest posts.

There is a non-negotiable CAD $100 publication fee that covers the costs of reviewing, editing, and publishing the article. It also pays for licenses to any media (e.g. pictures) that we may add to the article. Unlike other media brands, we do not "copy and publish on Wordpress" but have a high standard of quality and work to ensure that each article is properly integrated into our website.

Note that paying the fee does not guarantee that we will accept your article. Any guest posts will be subject to a comprehensive review process and final approval from a member of our editorial team.

Submit an Inquiry

To submit an inquiry about suggested content, guest posts, or potential collaborations, please contact Media Contact Julie Baron at Please include "Savings Hippo Content Inquiry" in your subject line as well as what type of suggestion you want to make.